Mr Vegas, Glacia Robinson Talk ‘I’m Delivered’


Mr Vegas, Glacia Robinson Talk ‘I’m Delivered’

Mr Vegas, Glacia Robinson Talk ‘I’m Delivered’

Listening to converted dancehall artiste Vegas as he sings the first track, I'm Delivered, from his upcoming album, Soul Therapy, forces you to pay attention! There is soul and passion and the effect is complete when gospel powerhouse Glacia Robinson adds her vocals to it.

In an interview with The Gleaner, both spoke about the 'hook up' and working together. Robinson said her journey with Vegas started years ago when he reached out to her.

"Since then, we have maintained an authentic connection. We shared much along the way through words of encouragement and lots of prayer. From time to time, we would share snippets of our upcoming recording projects; we kept each other posted on our demanding travel schedules," she said.

They would also talk about life and the importance of living on purpose and fulfilling God's destiny and calling for one's life.

For Vegas' part, he said although he had knew of her for years, it wasn't until he came across her story three years ago, when she shared her testimony that he told himself he had to get in contact with her and he did.

ENCOURAGEMENT"Since then, she has been sending me emails, praying for me, encouraging me, to this day. She is my sister-in-Christ and one of the most humble human beings I've ever worked with," he said, adding that when he reached out to her to be a part of Soul Therapy she didn't hesitate for a minute. "We were up all hours of the night, sending each other voice notes with melodies. I sent her a voice note with an idea for the song that I wanted her to collaborate on. The song was unfinished, so I told her that it was just an idea and if she liked the concept, she should build on it," related Vegas.

He said in a matter of minutes Robinson wrote the lyrics, composed the melody and the music for the outstanding sections of the song. "Not only that, she incorporated Emerson Ally, who is her manager and one of her producers, and in no time, he charted and recorded the music.

They both produced and arranged the song and then sent it to me. We went into the studio and the end result is, I'm Delivered," said the artiste born Clifford Smith.

For Robinson, it was absolute fun working with Vegas on the single for his debut album. She describes it as "natural as breathing".

Vegas is not ruling out the opportunity for more collabs with Robinson, known for popular songs such as, Hold My Hand TodayIt's Not Over Now and You Carry Me.

"I will definitely want to be on her album, so yes, I think we will work on other projects," he said. Robinson said she has some amazing collaborations in the pipeline with artistes from Canada, Jamaica, Norway, USA and Nigeria.

"God keeps giving me songs, and it's my pleasure to submit them for others to sing. Along with the solo projects and collaborations, I am writing and composing inspirational songs for various artistes in the secular and gospel industry," she shared.

Among the other tracks on Vegas' Soul Therapy are, We Need You Now, Glory and The Keys. The album is slated to be released later this month.

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